Hotel Staff Secrets You'll Want To Know

W3Learners May 12, 2020

12 hotel staff secrets you want to know when booking a vacation, finding a cheap deal can be very stressful. You're not just looking for a cheap way to get there. Ideally, you are looking for a decent flight and hotel. At the same time, you want the best quality. It takes hours to investigate all this information, and resorting to a travel agent is no longer sufficient. But in the end you end up finding a flight, and now you start searching for hotels. The pressure continues. But we have something to help you in your search. To really prepare yourself before your next trip, here are some tips to help you save money and give you a great vacation.

1. Change in price.
 Hotel prices change from day to day. Depending on the season, you can get a great hotel at a great price. That is why it is better to book a room at the last minute as much as possible, because if you do this in advance, the price may be very high.

2. Change your room.
 If you don't like the room he gave you, you can change it for free. You can simply speak to the staff. For example, if you don't like the room for personal reasons, such as not to like the floor in the room, you can request to change it.

3. Hotel classifications.
 Choose a hotel based on its rating, rather than just looking at how many stars it has. We live in an era where we can write and read comments to get a better idea.

4. Take things from the hotel.
Don't feel guilty if you decide to relive some memories after your stay at the hotel. You are allowed to take shampoo, shower gel and other beauty products.

5. Golden keys.
Make yourself friendly with the concierge using the "Golden Keys" pin. Not only can they get tickets for parties and organized tours, but they are also there to ensure the best possible experience in the hall.

6. Discount rooms.
Booking discount rooms directly with the hotel is smart. Hotels want to sell as many rooms as possible on a regular basis.

7. Hotel photos.
Hotel room photos can be misleading. This is why, while reading reviews about the hotel, it is best to see the photos posted by people who stayed there. It is more realistic.

8. The minibar.
The minibar is definitely something to check. People who stayed before they could have a drink and poured tap water into the bottle.

9. On-site parking.
 Be sure to read the contract carefully before leaving your car on-site at the hotel. Generally speaking, the contract states that the hotel is not responsible for cars parked on site.

10. Cancellation. Things come and need a way to cancel the reservation without paying a penny. Well, there is a perfect solution for that. Instead of canceling the reservation immediately, request that it be submitted a week ago.

11. You can "walk". Unless it's a dog, we can assure you that this term won't be fun. Keep in mind that since cancellation rates are so high (around 10% of people cancel their reservations with hotels on a daily basis), these places to stay tend to overload.

But how do you know if you are going to walk? Well MENTAL FLOSS has a good list of reasons ready for us. The guest is likely to go on a picnic if:

1. I have booked with Expedia and therefore have a very low rate which is less important.
2. You have not stayed here before and you may not visit the city again.
3. It is one night.
4. This is more important than all others: it behaves like a jerk. So do not be a fool and you will not have to move from the hotel. As simple as this.

12. Complain well. So you are in the hotel, managed to avoid walking, but there is a problem. Any problem, it doesn't really matter, the point is what do you do at this point? Call the front desk and complain loudly, brutally, and evils, right? Well, you are right. What you should do is to calmly call the reception and ask the right questions to them.

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