Secrets About Air Travel All Passengers Should Know

W3Learners May 11, 2020
All passengers should know the secrets of air travel. Like most things in life, traveling requires experience. Each time you travel, you will start to become more comfortable and familiar with the way you travel, and it all starts with your plan until you get on the plane. But do you know that when you travel, especially when you travel in the air, you do not know something? Well today, we will provide you with some secrets that travelers should know about.
1. When is the best time to buy ticket
Buying tickets can be a tricky part of the route planning process. The time can differ by hundreds of dollars. Whether you choose to book at the last minute or a few months in advance, there is no doubt that the price difference between them changes.
2. Airline employees and their close relatives benefit from reduced fares.

For many airlines around the world, the company, its employees and their immediate family members have lower or even free airfares. In most cases, only taxes and duties are charged to employees, while flight costs are free.

3. The 7 most common causes of lost luggage.

When traveling, worrying about luggage will be one of the most stressful parts of the trip. We all want the packaging to stay close to us without being tampered with. Sometimes, unfortunately, this can get out of our control.
4. The lock cannot prevent the opening of luggage.

It is a common idea for most travelers; place the lock on the exterior zipper of the case. Although it sounds safe and you do have the key to unlock it, there are still too many professional thieves to open it easily.
5. Why smoking is really prohibited on the ship.

Smoking on planes has long been a story and people have been wondering why. Some people may think there is a potential fire hazard, but smoking was allowed on the aircraft and there was no related fire.
6. Why ask passengers to turn off their phones.

While we may think our cell phones are causing serious interference or malfunction on the plane, this is not the case. However, it generates static electricity on the radio signal, which can lead to communication errors with the pilot and loss of key dispatcher information.
7. The aisle armrest and the window seat can be raised.

Comfort is a big problem on the plane. Usually we find ourselves crowded next to others, sharing handrails. Fortunately, we can use two armrests, and they can both be folded up and adjusted.
8. The reason for the handle on the door inside the plane.

Some of us may wonder why there are handles on the doors inside the plane. This is for crew members in an emergency, in which case individuals can easily react and drop them or even fall off the plane. The handles will help employees stand and maintain balance at these times.
9. The captain and the co-pilot have different ways of eating.

The captain and co-pilot had to eat two separate meals during the flight because one of them posed a risk of reaction or poisoning, so that the aircraft could not be used. In this case, the pilot will be replaced by others. This guarantees that they will not be staged by a contribution that could affect their performance..

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