Strangest Festivals of All Times in The World

W3Learners May 12, 2020
16 of the strangest festivals in the world. In a world rich in culture, there are countless traditions and festivals that we have not yet seen. From Scandinavia to the depths of Asia, we explore the strangest festivals in the world that people participate annually.

1 - La Tomatina, Spain.

 First, we look at a strange festival of Spanish culture, which will surely leave a stain and bustle. The "largest food battle in the world" is in Bunol, Spain, where thousands of people gather to throw crushed tomatoes.

2. Burning Man, United States.

The upcoming strange festival comes from our backyard, which is a strange fact that can be as American as the festival. For 8 days in the Black Rock Desert, people gather to enjoy an arts, freedom and self-reliance festival.

3. Battle of the Oranges, Italy.

 Like the Spaniards, this strange and strange celebration of Italian culture involves bonding with food. In Ivrea, Italy, it's a food battle that includes throwing oranges at rival teams. The winning team is decided by the judge and ultimately honored by the city. Helmets are required when oranges become a safety hazard. Like Spain: Is the whole city orange after this great battle? Only those who participate know this!

4 - The Day of Silence, Bali. 

This traditional Indonesian festival is less strange and more a sample of the culture from which it originated. Bali Island welcomes the new year in peace and quiet. Fire, travel and entertainment are prohibited. Traffic and electricity are closed for 24 hours to allow self-reflection and meditation.

5. Buffet Monkey Festival, Thailand. This festival is very strange, at least it seems very strange. We are from North America, so it is safe to say that we did not find many wild monkeys. However, we had the impression that they should not be fed.

6. El Colacho: Child Jumping Festival, Spain. Oh yeah, another weird tradition from Spain! Things seem to get very boring in La Piel de Toro, right? We are just joking around, but we enjoy this exotic Spanish festival: the Spanish city of Castrilo de Murcia meets every year as men in demons dress over one-year-old children. Rituals to protect them from bad luck and free them from sin. We can only pray that none of these men is wrong. Gosh!

7. Thaipusam, Hindu Piercing Festival. This Hindu tradition seems to hurt, but really, who are we to govern? And you know the old saying: Don't hit him until you try it!

8. Pikachu Festival, Japan. Remember a time when Pokemon was all the rage. Kids used to exchange cards on playgrounds (except for energy cards, no one needed) and we compared who has the coolest Pokemon. It seems that the Japanese have not gone beyond this trend, as they take part every year in a tradition called "Pikachu Festival".

9. Boryeong Mud Festival, Korea. Have you ever seen muddy fighting? Have you ever thought "What a humble and southern sport. I will never die while doing something dirty." Well, first, relax and second, you shouldn't be Korean.

10. The Songkran Festival,  Thailand. Well, do you remember when we went back to the days when Pokemon was angry? It was like ... two points ago, come on, keep going. However, those were also days when we had big encounters with summer water pistols.

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