What $ 1000 per month rent to you around the world

W3Learners May 12, 2020

Here is $ 1,000 / month worldwide rent. If you live in a big city, you know that the only funniest thing about "home price" jokes is the actual price a good home goes. If you're a first-time homebuyer (congratulations ... we think) or a student figuring out how to microwave a Mac and cheese in your rental apartment, the search can be daunting. Especially if you are trying to live around the world. However, don't be afraid, your Bestie is here! Today we are going to compare the type of apartment that costs you around $ 1,000 per month worldwide!

Living Space Number  1.
First, we will visit Brooklyn, America and the living space will be ... $ 1,000. Cost in local currency: $ 1000 (which means in the country). What we saw was a 300 square foot studio (yes, I heard that right).

Living space number 2.
Then we will go to Bali, Indonesia, where you will find this living space for around $ 1,041 USD. Cost in local currency: 165,000,000IDR per year, which looks a lot more, so you can brag about your friends about your 9 digit place to live. The size of the apartment we looked at was a two bedroom villa.

Living Space Number 3.
 Now we are heading to Europe, where we look at a place in Levallois-Perret (a neighbor of Paris), France. This child will cost you around $ 1,174 per month. Cost in local currency: € 1000 per month. What we saw was a one-bedroom apartment with two levels.

Living Space Number 4.
 Hike to Prague, Czech Republic, where you can get this place for $ 990. Cost in local currency: 22,000 CZK per month. The size we looked at was a studio apartment.

Living room number 5.
Staying in Europe but going a little further north now, we traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, where the price of living in the place we saw was $ 990 family. The cost in local currency was approximately SEK 8,000 per month, which again seems like a great prize. However, when you hear the size of this place, it gets colder. Size of this living space: two-bedroom house.

Living Space Number 6:
 Let's leave those glorious Swedish dreams for a second and move our friends to São Paulo, Brazil, where a place to live costs around $ 1113. As for the cost in local currency, it was 3,500 Brazilian rials per month . Again, this price seems to be a very reasonable price for how big it is. The size of the living space: three-bedroom apartment.

Living Space Number 7.
 We move from the sunny paradise of Brazil to the rich history, where we will live about 982 dollars. Just so you know, the local currency will cost around Rs. 63,000 per month. For this, we again saw an impressive three-bedroom apartment.

Living Space Number 8.
 What is this? Why Big Ben Shiming! The Buckingham Guard is changing! Catch your content, pound and let's watch some soccer! Sorry. As the sound suggests, we will now fly to London, England where you will find a place to live for $ 948. Cost in local currency: £ 737GBP per month. You'd Hate Size: Broom Closet (Technically we're kidding in a studio, but not really).

Living Space Number  9. From Europe we travel to a very popular Asian island, yes, now we are in Tokyo, Japan, where you will find a place for $ 975. The cost in local currency is 106,000 yen per month. Again we became young because the size of the place we looked at was a studio apartment.

Living Space Number  10.
Staying in Asia, we now travel to Beijing, China, where you will pay $ 975 for fun living there. The cost is in local currency: 6,500 Japanese Yen per month. Regarding size, we saw a three-bedroom apartment at this price.

Living Space Number 11.
Now we travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where you will pay $ 976 USD for stays. Cost in local currency: 43,000 AED per year and the size we looked at was a studio apartment.

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